Transferring Territorial Contracts methodology: from wetlands to MPAs

On Thursday 17/12/2020 TUNE UP held an international online workshop for integrating governance tools from wetlands into Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and transferring methodology for developing MPAs contracts.

The workshop was hosted by UNIROMA3 with 8 speakers from SEO, MEDSEA, TDV, PAP-RAC, MedPAN, Oceanogami, Lazio Region and was attended by more than 45 participants, including project partners, representatives of their associated partners and Plan Bleu.

The first session of the event was framed by talks

  • providing interesting information about the status of MPAs in the Mediterranean Sea
  • highlighting the socio-economical and environmental challenges in the Mediterranean MPAS and providing examples of good practices from Spain on how an integrated management and governance can benefit both nature and humans.
  • presenting success stories in MPA governance from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Sea and outlining the main steps of the roadmap from the recently published governance handbook for Mediterranean coastal wetlands.

During the second session of the event the participants

  • were introduced to the methodology (i.e. local contracts) applied in the previous Interreg Med programme, WETNET, that dealt with governance in wetlands, as well as were informed on the perspectives of transferring this methodology to TUNE UP, i.e. for the governance of MPAs.
  • learnt about possible ways to integrate local MPA contracts into regional policies through the presentation of two case studies from Italy.

The event concluded with a discussion among all participants about

  • the main expectations from the local MPA contracts in order to achieve an effective governance in TUNE UP’s pilot sites based on the insights provided from the presentations.
  • possible methods to ease the integration of local MPA contracts into regional policies