How effective are local contracts as governance tools in protected areas

the results of the Wetland Contract experience in Slovenia

The recently published study from our project partner ZRC SAZU in Sustainability provided encouraging results for the implementation of local contracts as governance tools in wetlands, but also beyond as in the case of Marine Protected Areas. The study presents the different steps for developing the Wetland Contract in Ljubljansko barje Nature Park (Slovenia) in the framework of the WETNET project. The Wetland Contract aimed to ensure greater coordination and consensus among stakeholders involved in the management and resource exploitation of the area. This tool proved successful in limiting conflicts between nature conservation and socioeconomic development and ultimately supporting multi-sectoral stakeholder participation in wetland management.

The Wetland Contract methodology has been transferred to TUNE UP through a series of seminars and events for the development of local contracts in 10 pilot sites of the Mediterranean in the marine environment. You can read the full article by clicking the button below.

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