Tune Up is engaging local stakeholders in Italy

On November 10th, Roma Tre University presented Tune Up to the stakeholders of Ventotene MPA.

The info day & networking event was born from the cooperation between the ENI CMB MED Co-Evolve4BG project and the Interreg MED Tune Up project, which share regional and thematic challenges. The target areas are the Circeo National Park and the facing Ventotene and Santo Stefano Island Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Lazio Region. Co-Evolve4BG aims at analyzing and promoting the co-evolution of human activities and natural eco-systems in touristic coastal areas towards sustainable development of tourist activities. Tune Up aims at tackling the need for a strategic and collaborative approach to Mediterranean MPAs’ management and biodiversity protection. Both the projects will enforce a governance system involving key stakeholders, for enhancing sustainable development and fully exploiting the Blue Economy potential, promoting the creation of business and job opportunities in the field of ecosystem-oriented services, coastal and maritime tourism, coastal management and adaptation to climate change.